On Hiring

Been interviewed by 11 companies on January/2022 (12th on the way).

What happened to "Hire the personality, train the skills"?

I think that what happened is that who should be hiring isn't (CEOs, CTOs, Leaders, Founders).

It's much easier to think you can assess someone's technical skills, and who better than that than another dev?

Just google a bunch of questions and ask them away.

If your candidate knows, it's a pass, if not, it's goodbye.

It's much harder to assess personality traits.

How do you know if they are willing to learn new stuff? To work in a team? To collaborate? To deliver a good job? What are their aspirations? What are their values? What's their mission? Are they a good fit for the company?

Those are much harder questions to ask.

That, in my opinion, is what happened to "Hire personality, train the skills".

- 1 toast