Where do we draw the line

The other day I saw a tweet that said: "Automatic transmission cars are the feminization of society".

Obviously, the tweet meant it in a bad way, but that's not what got my attention.

The person who wrote this must think that manual transmission cars are masculine.

That's OK, it's a matter of opinion. Many people think the same.

But, where did he draw the line? Why manual transmission cars are masculine and automatic transmission cars aren't?

Maybe he thinks that if your life is easier, it's more feminine.

In the late 1800 people could say: "Cars are the feminization of society", meaning real men only traveled in chariots.

Before that, people could say "Chariots and carriages are the feminization of society", meaning only men on horses were masculine enough.

A man using electric tools to build his house is less of a man than someone using manual tools?

The manliest of all is building with their own hands, walking on foot and hunting their own food, no tools at all, if we follow that train of thought.

Where do people draw the line when technology stops being 'manly' and starts to become 'feminine'?

Every technology comes to make our life easier.

It's definitely easier to hunt with a stick than with your bare hands, and even easier to hunt with a bow and arrow.

Do you think the first humans made fun of those who hunted with sticks or joined them?

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